Truly the Queen

IMAG0505_1When it comes to my favorite plants for my summer patio, the Kimberly Queen fern takes the blue ribbon!  This fern is a wonderful departure from the Boston fern which looks similar.

Kimberly Queen is heat and drought resistant, and thrives in full sun if watered regularly. And they don’t shed! (Something I detest about Bostons.)

I usually find them at the local greenhouses in early spring for around $15-25 per plant, and when young, the fronds tend to stand straight up. Give them a week or two after planting. You’ll be thrilled by how quickly they grow and fill in. The plant in this photo was potted over Memorial Day weekend and photographed at the end of August. I have no shade on my patio, so the tolerance to full sun is imperative. I like to add some sweet potato vine, either lime or dark purple, for contrast.

Before a hard freeze this fall, you can winter these if you have a place with sun that doesn’t get too cold for prolonged periods of time. You also need to water once a month. Come spring, trim off the dead fronds and await new shoots!

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