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Danger: Curves AheadFor those of you who met Liz Carson in Detour, you’ll understand how easy it was for her to convince me to tell her story. As I got to know Liz, I realized her tough, independent exterior masks vulnerability rarely seen by even her closest friends. But Fate and Liz play a game of tag as these vulnerabilities are exposed during a year riddled with danger, destruction and heartache.

If you’ve yet to meet this sexy, savvy redhead, I encourage you to take a Detour, and get acquainted with Liz and her friends as they embrace life and love, cheering each other on as joys and challenges come their way. (By the way, the digital version of Detour is now available for $.99 on Amazon for a limited time.)

Key West marks the beginning of this pivotal year in Liz’s life. She’ll take you to her home in Barrington, Illinois, then to meet her family on the plains of western Oklahoma.

Telling you more will spoil the fun. Liz and I hope you enjoy her travels down this road to romance as you meet her friends and the delicious men who compliment their lives. Then on we go down her red dirt road—occasionally dangerous, always curvy. Happy reading!

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DETOURWhen a change of course alters your whole life, it’s more than a DETOUR…
On the heels of a costly divorce, Canadian construction magnate Nick McCord takes off on a motorcycle trip to the Florida Keys to unwind. Instead, he runs headlong into his fiercest business competitor, Greg Halverson—a man determined to ruin Nick at any cost.

In the middle of their adversarial reunion is crime novelist Jayne Morgan, there on an annual trip with girlfriends to celebrate her birthday and their friendships. But two weeks before the trip, Jayne receives crushing news. Vowing to remain silent for fear of ruining their trip, Jayne chooses to privately deal with a past she thought she’d buried and a future she knows is frighteningly uncertain.

With no intention of adding romantic drama to her agenda—the last thing Jayne needs is the attention of Greg Halverson, and the last thing she wants is to fall for Nick McCord, but that’s exactly what happens as she unwittingly becomes a pawn in Halverson’s game of corporate chess.

From the Seven Mile Bridge to the infamous Duval Street, Jayne’s weekend joy ride accelerates into an emotional roller coaster, as she is forced to face down her fears, accept the challenges that lie ahead and decide if is willing to let Nick change the course of her life…

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