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So Much To See In Seattle!

What an interesting and welcoming city! I’ll post more than one blog about the sites to take it while you’re there. First, I’ll share one of my favorites–the Boeing Museum of Flight. I haven’t seen such a terrific display of aircraft outside of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. In particular, I was impressed by the Personal Courage Wing which highlights the aircraft and flyers of WWI and WWII. I could’ve spent hours taking in the details, and really found the stories of valor and friendship so interesting.

One in particular was of an American ace who had lost his legs in a crash, re-qualified to fly with prosthetic legs, and was shot down by a German ace. The American lost his prosthetic legs in the crash and ended up in a German hospital. The German ace visited him there, making arrangements for his rival to receive replacement legs. The American agreed, but only if they were airlifted in by an American plane. The two men became lifelong friends, keeping in touch long after the war.

I also enjoyed seeing some of the newer planes fighter planes, such as an F-14 Tomcat, which the Navy pilots were shuttling to Norfolk for retirement in my in my first two books.

For more information on the Boeing Museum of Flight click here!

The Big Easy

When you think of New Orleans, images of the French Quarter come to mind…music on Bourbon Street, antiques on Royal Street, and chicory coffee with beignets at the famous Café du Monde.

But my recent trip to the Big Easy took me to the World War II Museum, a fantastic collaboration between Tom Hanks and the Malcom Forbes Foundation, now in concert with the Smithsonian Institute. This is a must for your next trip. I was particularly impressed by the 4-D movie, “Beyond All Boundaries.” This is presented several times daily in the Victory Theater, and is a 45-minute encapsulation of the staggering effort of all Americans–military and civilian alike, the unimaginable sacrifice made by millions, and ultimate cost paid by the greatest generation.

I was moved to silence and tears as I sat in the darkened theater at the conclusion of the movie. Bravo to Tom Hanks who spear-headed this production and narrates the film. As I departed, I was left wondering if our country could pull together and do something this impressive again…I certainly hope so.

Click here for a peek!