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Introducing Liz Carson

You met her in Detour, and you’ll love her in Danger: Curves Ahead. As the sexy, brash heroine of her own story, you’ll ride along as she navigates a year filled with love, loss, death, destruction, forgiveness and redemption.

Liz has an opinion on everything and she’s going to be sharing it with you in the new blog “Liz on Life.” From red stilettos to the perfect place to order custom-made cowboy boots, Liz will give you the down low on all things “Liz”…and maybe a few tips on how to rope the perfect cowboy—or at least how to get one to chase you around the corral a little!

Danger: Curves Ahead Release

Danger: Curves AheadReally excited to announce the upcoming release of Danger: Curves Ahead!
For those of you who met Liz Carson in Detour, you’ll understand how easy it was for her to convince me to tell her story. As I got to know Liz, I realized her tough, independent exterior masks vulnerability rarely seen by even her closest friends. But Fate and Liz play a game of tag as these vulnerabilities are exposed during a year riddled with danger, destruction and heartache.
If you’ve yet to meet this sexy, savvy redhead, I encourage you to take a Detour, and get acquainted with Liz and her friends as they embrace life and love, cheering each other on as joys and challenges come their way.
Key West marks the beginning of this pivotal year in Liz’s life. She’ll take you to her home in Barrington, Illinois, then to meet her family on the plains of western Oklahoma.
Telling you more will spoil the fun. Liz and I hope you enjoy her travels down this road to romance as you meet her friends and the delicious men who compliment their lives. Then on we go down her red dirt road—occasionally dangerous, always curvy. Happy reading!