About Janice

Show me a picture, I’ll tell you a story…

Janice-Richards-Author-SelfiePair a vivid imagination with a romantic soul, and you’ll find me creating characters etched from individuals I see on city streets, racing through airport terminals, or chatting intimately in bars and restaurants. I wonder who they are, what they do and where they’re from. Whether it’s the craggy face of an old fellow ambling through the park or the harried professor stumbling into the library, I decide how I would describe them to you, and as quickly, their “what if” story emerges.

A passion for travel allows me the luxury of meeting a kaleidoscope of interesting people and places, and I’ll share them with you in my stories. Watch for an occasional recipe as well.

I’m a Midwesterner with a background in agriculture striving to keep one toe in the sand, so join me in Key West as we meet Nick McCord and Jayne Morgan in my first novel, Detour. Then join the friends as they play an integral roll in the storm of events Liz Carson navigates in Danger: Curves Ahead.

A passion for music compels me to weave great artists and their songs into my stories, and on occasion, my characters will introduce you to talented young musicians or take you back a few years with a classic artist or song.

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