Hello and welcome to my blog/website. My name is Janice Richards, and I am a contemporary romance writer!

Three Writers of RomanceNo writer works alone. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro with several best-selling novels under your belt, you enlist specialists and experts to provide authenticity to your story, you rely on trusted colleagues to help you weave your way through the publishing gauntlet, and if you’re very lucky, you’ve formed an alliance with some fellow writers known as a critique group who share their own talents to keep you honest and on-track.

I want you to meet my critique partners—my good friends and fellow authors, Darlene Deluca and Michelle Gray. Collectively, we are Three Writers of Romance. We cheer each other on, offering suggestions and honest input to help each other bring better stories to our readers. We write different types of romance, but our differences work in concert to strengthen our respective efforts. Meet our trio at www.threewritersofromance.com.

I started this blog/website in an effort to get better acquainted with my readers thru blogging. I invite you to join me in my travels, get to know some of the characters in my books and try some of my favorite recipes!